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Greeting the New Year with PANTONE® color of the year 2018

As the new year has started many of us started thinking of redecorating or even renovating our homes. And as usual the first question that pops out is where to start from. Check out our recommendations on how to freshen up your home this year.


pantone color of the year 2018 ultra violet; image source: pantone.com

Pantone has selected Ultra Violet as color of this year. They say “Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. Therefore it is a great color to be introduced in our homes. The color is deep enough to tickle our imagination, vibrant enough to turn a living space into magical space.


fabric color splash
fabric color splash; image source: elledecor.com

Small refreshments can be done by changing the pillowcases or even changing the fabric of the furnishings with material that has shade of the Ultra Violet. By combining it with a velvet texture you can achieve luxurious results super easy. This color matches great with golden details.

This color makes great accent when applied onto a wall. That can be one wall in your living room, for example behind the sofa. It can be also used in the bedroom behind the head rest.



painted wall with matching accessories
painted wall with matching accessories; image source: warehouse-media.com


For those that are willing to spend some more in renovating certain parts of their house here are some stimulating ideas. For the bathroom one can decide to have the walls in Violet, whether that is tiles or waterproof paint and the rest to be kept natural porcelain. The other option is to have some accents on the bathroom furniture.

image source: pinterest.com


Thinking about doing some renovations in the kitchen one can be even braver than with the bathroom. The whole kitchen can be renovated in various shades of the color. Starting from the walls up to the kitchen appliances. By doing so you can turn your kitchen in pinnacle of your home.

  • Posted by H. S. on January 2, 2018