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The Many Aspects in Looking for the Right Kitchen Wall Décor

There are no standard rules set up when looking for the right kitchen wall décor. If you have a theme in mind that you want to make use of, you’re free to do so; just make sure that before you pick which kitchen wall décor is right for your kitchen, you already have the idea of how your kitchen looks like.

Designing your kitchen wall doesn’t have to be complicated; this corner is considered to be one of the busiest places at home and putting up a wall décor shouldn’t make the place appear messy at all. It’s best advised that one should just focus on one part of the kitchen wall and make it a focal point of the entire room.


After you have decided which material and design you want in your kitchen wall, the next thing that you need to take note of is to whether you should be adding a backsplash on one of your kitchen walls or not.

Rusty/modern kitchen wall decor; image source: pexels.com

Backsplashes are highly essential in the kitchen, especially in the area when one usually gets many splatters. Ideal materials for backsplashes are usually the ones that are made from ceramics, stainless steel or mosaic glass for breezy clean up. Just because your backsplash serves as a protection to your kitchen wall doesn’t mean it has to look plain or boring. You can still find several backsplashes that are both functional and decorative at the same time.


There is also a significant effect on ambience or mood in a room with the colors that you will be using for your kitchen wall décor. Creating perfect harmony in the kitchen doesn’t have to be taxing for so long as you know how to maintain balance in it. If you opt to use warm colors for your kitchen, it gives you the feeling of comfort and warmth at the same time.

Colors for kitchen; image source: pexels.com

Hues such as orange and red can increase your metabolism, making you feel hungry. It’s advised that when you go for any hue or color in the kitchen, you go for subtle hues instead to create relaxed and happy mood.

Coverings for uneven surfaces

While it’s true that paint is one of the cheapest, tidiest and the easiest wall décor in the kitchen to go for, there is a downside to opting for this wall décor. There are some areas in the kitchen where the wall is not in great condition, and painting on it alone will not suffice. The great news is that, there are other wall coverings for kitchen that you can make use of to ensure that the defects are concealed and instead creates dimension and eye appeal at the same time.

Wallpaper is another décor that you can go for, especially if you are looking for a quick wall décor installation. Most wallpaper is self-adhesive and most people go for vinyl material. Vinyl is very easy to clean and very durable which is why it’s best suited in the kitchen. You can still be very creative out of vinyl wall décor because it comes in many designs for you to go for.

  • Posted by Matej G. on November 14, 2017