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Create Your Own White Winter Tablescape

Even though the holiday season is over having nice winter dinner with loved ones is very heart warming. Nicely decorated table ads up to the overall atmosphere. Here are couple super easy DIY decorations to create easy whitish tablescape.

green centerpiece; image source: piterest.com


If you have natural Christmas tree in your house, you can use some of the branches to decorate the centerpiece of the table. If not short walk to the local market will do as well. Followed by candle holders and some other simple Christmas decoration and you are good to go.

simple chair deco
simple chair deco; image source: pinterest.com

The same green braches can be used to tie a bow on the chairs. Good idea is to re-use some of the wrapping ribbons. You can tie the ribbon loose and more casual or you can tie it in a nice bow depending on your overall idea for the tablescape style.

Re-use of old boxes

DIY wooden deco box
DIY wooden deco box; image source: forrent.com

If you do not feel like arranging the center peace of the table and then clean it when the dinner is over there is a solution. You can use old wooden or carton boxes pre-arrange them and after you are done you can set them some place else as deco.

Decorating the plates

pine cone plate deco; image source: homeshowtime.com

Pine cones are easy to be found. If you have the time you can spray some silver paint on them. With simple white napkin, ribbon and some greenery the plate deco is done. If possible try using fresh rosemary so that the table smells like it has came out of the woods.

Enjoy the winter!

  • Posted by H. S. on January 8, 2018